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The Self-Mastery Coaching Program for Top Leaders

A uniquely tailored, 3-month online coaching program, the Self-Mastery Mastermind is for high-achieving & driven leaders who are ready to break free from limitations, change their beliefs about who they are, and discover what they are capable of.

In an intimate setting you will learn the most effective ways to RESET your priorities, REDISCOVER what is important to YOU and REDESIGN your life in a way that honors who you are without guilt or resentment. 

An intimate group coaching experience that will change YOU and your life forever.


10x your self-confidence
Carmen Staicu
I was swept off my feet by Nina’s level of energy, by the amazing group of leaders she brought together from all corners of the world, and by her authentic method. True to her word, Nina overdelivered and she was the most generous, wise and compassionate coach I could have wished for to craft a next decade and embrace without fear my ambitions and dreams. If you want to 10x your self-confidence and get more time for YOU, Nina Urman is definitely the coach you want to have on your side!
Nina brings a special light!
Mili Lecuona
I can’t express enough gratitude for my work with Nina! I’ve gained a fresh perspective on how I approach my time, making subtle adjustments that create a sense of spaciousness in my daily schedule, all while significantly boosting productivity.
One of the best coaches
Stella Afnaim
Nina is awesome ! She is one of the best coaches I have worked with. Nina’s approach is extremely professional, energizing ,calm and accommodating. The Time for You Mastermind group was put together in a well thought way. Nina gave me confidence and trust, helped me set boundaries and above all made me aware of my inner strength and emotions. I loved her method; it was simple and effective. Such a great tool to apply to all situations.
My energy levels are through the roof!
I’ve loved learning from Nina Urman. She has such a great way of really delivering the information you need to know to take you to that next level, without any of the typical fluff in many courses.
A holistic all-round approach
Carina Ertl
Nina has an amazing holistic approach that puts yourself in the center and looks at ALL parts of your life not just one aspect! She helps you to go through all these facets and find balance and growth in all of them. She has exceptional analytical skills combined with amazing empathy and energy and will help you regain and achieve your true passion and goals and lead you towards a balanced lifestyle! Nina has been an incredible sparing partner & I can only highly recommend working with her!
A safe place to share
Dr Zelana Montminy
I had the pleasure of having Nina run a YPO International Board Spouse forum meeting in Paris. She has such a beautiful spirit and way of communicating with others that really makes everyone feel safe and able to share. She’s incredibly authentic and brings relevant information that helped push us into a deeper place that we were all ready to go to. I have recommended Nina for multiple facilitations since and would not hesitate to do so again and again. She’s a true gem!

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