From playing small -
to Ultimate Confidence!

In my mid-20s, I had everything you were supposed to have to be “happy” and confident: devoted parents, amazing results at amazing schools, all the trophies (I was a professional tennis player at the age of 15), an amazing husband who was CEO, 4 step-children. (Now we have 3 more! Yup, 7 in total.)

On the outside, everything seems great, but on the inside, I was stuck in my story of pressure and the need for validation and approval. It made me feel miserable and although I was doing all of the personal development work, my life didn’t change. All I felt was “not enough.” Especially with an amazingly successful husband on my side!

Until I discovered coaching. I started working with a coach every week, joined a women’s forum group, and really took a look INSIDE. 

This practice helped me unlearn my self-destructive habits and replace them with positive ones that truly served me. I worked on my mind and my emotions, but, most importantly, took action towards re-wiring my brain and re-designing my life.

Then I did my own certifications, became a Certified Life-Coach and Facilitator and started helping others to rewire their brains and achieve their dreams. It feels unreal and incredibly fulfilling.

Thinking back: For so many years I lived life from the outside in: trying to fit in, to stand out, to become someone (else), only to discover that the answers I was looking for were within me all along. 

Everything you want is INSIDE of you. I am here to show you how to access it.

As your Life coach, I don’t spend our time together agreeing with you and telling you what to do. I also do not give advice.

What I do is create a safe space for you to unpack all of the baggage that is manifesting itself procrastination, overwhelm and confusion.

Then, piece by piece, we work through all of it. Believe it or not, living your purpose and building your business or project is pretty much effortless once you’ve worked through all of those thoughts that are holding you back!

That’s why this is amazing work. It’s tailored to you and your specific life so you get the results you want, that last permanently.

So where do we start? 

I understand better than anyone else what it’s like to be married to a CEO and to be a mom and a high-achiever – the demands, the social calendar, the expectations, all of it…

If you’re a CEO Spouse READY for more CONFIDENCE in your life click below and schedule a free call with me. ⁣

During the call, I’ll ask questions and listen without judgment. ⁣
We’ll discuss the future you want and what to do next.⁣
No strings attached. No obligation. Just a guarantee that you’ll walk away with at least one strategy that will change your life.⁣

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