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As an expert in Reinvention (of Time, Energy, Mind, Relationships and more) Nina offers a holistic life coaching approach and laser-like tools to ignite real change that lasts a lifetime.


Nina is an intuitive Life coach, Executive coach, facilitator and keynote speaker, committed to guiding leaders into their highest potential so they can live extraordinary lives on ALL levels.


As a Certified Forum Facilitator for the Young President’s Organization (YPO) Nina supports individual growth in community settings through deep, powerful peer group conversations.

Reinvent Yourself. Reinvent your Life.


"Nina is a first-class life & leadership coach !"

Who is Nina?

Nina Urman is an intuitive Life & Executive Coach & an inspiring group facilitator, who is committed to guiding top leaders into their highest potential.

A Russian-German former professional tennis player, she has over 10 years of experience  delivering transformation around the world.

Nina thinks in English, feels in Russian, organizes in German, speaks fluent French and coaches in all four languages.

Are you ready for the next version of YOU?


Integrate and sustain positive heart-set, mindset and behavioral change, so you can achieve extraordinary results!

Do not change the way you Lead...Recode it!
so you can thrive within your...







Discover The Time Samurai -
A unique Time & Energy Mastery Leadership program

This program is engineered to be a catalyst for high-achievers leaders who want to enhance performance and make a meaningful difference in their companies, their lives, and the world and FEEL GREAT at the same time.

You will strategically cultivate your internal resources so you can navigate business & life on your own terms and achieve high-level results on all levels.



Natalie Rekstad
Nina has a passion for creating trusting spaces.
Natalie Rekstad
Nina has a passion for creating trusting spaces that allow others to find their own path, without fixing or giving advice. Working with her will show you how an honest, safe, and caring environment can change lives. I highly recommend working with her.
Atul Aggarwal
Incredibly skilled at helping people
Atul Aggarwal
Nina is incredibly skilled at helping people identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to improve their productivity and emotional intelligence. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to take their life to the next level.
Vadim Belyakov
Nina has a rare gift to build connection and trust quickly.
Vadim Belyakov
Nina has a rare gift to communicate with clarity and inspiration and build connection and trust quickly. Nina’s involvement and training in YPO forums is outstanding!
Pascal Gerken
Nina is an inspiring professional and life coach.
Pascal Gerken
Nina is an impressive public speaker and an inspiring professional and life coach. I regularly read and enjoy her newsletters.
Sergio sequeira
She gave me tools to become a better leader.
Sergio Sequeira
Nina’s approach, in which she challenged me to a deeper knowledge of myself, gave me extraordinary tools to become a better leader on all levels.
Ammar Charani
A skilled coach and a brilliant group facilitator.
Ammar Charani
Nina is a passionate and loving human being, a skilled coach and a brilliant group facilitator with a high level of emotional intelligence.

The Emotional Mastery Code for high-achieving Leaders Revealed!

3 Strategies Executives must Know to Achieve Peak Performance and High-level Results!

Live a truly extraordinary life and increase your impact and legacy with the unique Time Samurai Strategy!

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