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Go Beyond the Script and
Thrive with the Brain in Mind!

The Program


A 12-week Coaching Program specifically designed for top leaders.


A safe space for leaders so they can reflect, share concerns and try out ideas in an intimate setting.


Clients quickly learn the tools they need to take conscious and deliberate action towards their goals. 

Nina helps you to shatter your mental and emotional limitations and get out of your own way!

Become the CEO of your Brain & Emotions!

Self-Mastery Topics

Reinvention Mastery

Reinvent yourself, your relationships and your legacy.

Time Mastery

How to do more in less time. How to organize yourself to achieve extraordinary success.

Goal Mastery

How to set BIG goals and take Massive ACTION until you get the result.

Soul Mastery

How to live in the highest expression of yourself and follow your heart’s desire.

Emotional Mastery

How to effectively own and process your emotions.

Self-Confidence Mastery

How to build real self-confidence from within.

Mind Mastery

How to manage your thoughts and beliefs to end self-sabotage.

Relationship Mastery

How to build strong, fulfilling and loving relationships.

Forum Mastery

Boost your Forum Experience and go DEEP.


Nina has a passion for creating trusting spaces.
Natalie Rekstad
Nina has a passion for creating trusting spaces that allow others to find their own path, without fixing or giving advice. Working with her will show you how an honest, safe, and caring environment can change lives. I highly recommend working with her.
Incredibly skilled at helping people
Atul Aggarwal
Nina is incredibly skilled at helping people identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to improve their productivity and emotional intelligence. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to take their life to the next level.
Nina has a rare gift to build connection and trust quickly.
Vadim Belyakov
Nina has a rare gift to communicate with clarity and inspiration and build connection and trust quickly. Nina’s involvement and training in YPO forums is outstanding!
Nina is an inspiring professional and life coach.
Pascal Gerken
Nina is an impressive public speaker and an inspiring professional and life coach. I regularly read and enjoy her newsletters.
She gave me tools to become a better leader.
Sergio Sequeira
Nina’s approach, in which she challenged me to a deeper knowledge of myself, gave me extraordinary tools to become a better leader on all levels.
A skilled coach and a brilliant group facilitator.
Ammar Charani
Nina is a passionate and loving human being, a skilled coach and a brilliant group facilitator with a high level of emotional intelligence.

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