The Reinvent Yourself on Purpose
Coaching program

for High-Achieving

With Life & Confidence Coach, Nina Urman

The Reinvent yourself on Purpose Coaching Program

For High-Achieving
Women Leaders

With Life & Confidence Coach, Nina Urman

It is time for you to... ReInvent Yourself & Re-Design Your THINKING!

The Reinvent yourself on Purpose
Coaching Program

for High-Achieving Women

The next cycle starts in September 2022

A 3-Month Coaching Experience

Grounded in Developmental & Positive Psychological Science

Combines Group & Individual Coaching

A uniquely tailored coaching program, the Reinvent yourself on Purpose Coaching Program for high-achieving, driven women who are ready to get out of the over-achiever sabotage and change their beliefs about who they are, and what they’re capable of.

You will learn the most effective ways to RESET your priorities, REDISCOVER what is important to YOU and REDESIGN your life in a way that honors who you are without guilt and resentment.  

This is about Reinvention ON PURPOSE.

It’s your time for you to honor your needs, reclaim your dreams in a way that propels you to unimaginable levels!

“I am here to support you on your journey. It is TIME. TIME FOR YOU…to Reinvent yourself!

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This uniquely tailored immersive coaching experience is the ONLY program specifically for high-achieving women who want to love their best, bold and most brilliant life!

Success Stories

Nina brings a special light!

In a world full of resentment where people blame others for their failure , Nina brings in a special light! With her positivity, good energy and easiness, she helps you understand your feelings and through them achieve your goals. She really listens to you and makes sure you solve what ever is affecting you! I sincerely recommend the Mastermind!

Mili Lecuona

"One of the best coaches I have worked with!"

Nina is awesome ! She is one of the best coaches I have worked with. Nina’s approach is extremely professional, energizing ,calm and accommodating. The Time for You Mastermind group was put together in a well thought way. It was a diverse and international group of like minded women who wanted to create a new reality, better version of themselves and create a clear pathway for the future. We were all on the self development journey no matter which stage of our life we were. Nina gave me confidence and trust, helped me set boundaries and above all made me aware of my inner strength and emotions. I loved her method; it was simple and effective. Such a great tool to apply to all situations.

Stella Afnaim

“Clarity, Renewal & Self-knowledge”

Nina’s groups are an open space for meaningful connexion, inner exploration and intimate sharing. Subtly weaving individual growth with the power of a community, her deep listening and coaching talents allow for growth to bloom with a heartfelt sense. The relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions becomes clearer, bringing alignment and conscious and allowing for choice. The result is a sense of clarity and self-knowledge!


“A holistic, all-around approach”

Nina’s approach puts YOU in the center and looks at ALL parts of your life! With very easy, yet hands on, exercises she helps you to go through all these facets and find balance and organic growth. She has exceptional analytical skills combined with amazing empathy and energy and will help you regain and achieve your true passion and goals and lead you towards a balanced lifestyle!


“A Safe Place to Share”

I had the pleasure of having Nina run a YPO International Board Spouse forum meeting in Paris. She has such a beautiful spirit and way of communicating with others that really makes everyone feel safe and able to share. She’s incredibly authentic and brings relevant information that helped us reach into a deeper place. I have recommended Nina for multiple facilitations since and would not hesitate to do so again and again. She’s a true gem!



What to Expect

What to Expect

This Program is for High-Achieving Women who...

...have achieved what “should” make them happy, and wonder why they still don’t feel fulfilled.

…want to stop chasing external sources for their happiness and maintaining the facade of a picture-perfect life.

…are determined to look inside themselves, process their emotions and DO the work
(not just talk about it!).

This Program is Not for Those Who...

…want to stay in their “comfort” zone even if they will never realize their full potential.

…are not ready to do the work and make the commitment to invest in themselves.

...prefer to avoid facing their fears.

The Curriculum

Month 1: Vision

Design your PERSONAL Vision

We’ll cover your “big picture” vision and help you connect to your Essence. It’s time to be present in your life and create momentum.

You will learn to:

Month 2: Belief

Find and use your UNIQUE GENIUS and Redecide!

This month is where we go to the next level: We’ll take a deep-dive into emotions and techniques to tap into your resources.

You will learn to:

Month 3: Action

Take MASSIVE ACTION and build Self-Confidence from Within

We will help you tune into your natural habit flow and create a goal/strategy plan to redesign your life in a way that serves you most!

You will learn to:

Everything you want to achieve: It All Starts in Your Mind.
It Starts With This Program.

Program Features

The Reinvent yourself on Purpose Coaching Program

for High-Achieving Women

Take Action That Actually Works

Private Offer for YPO Members

Mention your YPO membership during your call with Nina to get exclusive pricing!

Money-Back Guarantee

If you have done the work yet are still not satisfied with your experience using this unique method of re-inventing yourself, we will return your investment!

More Success Stories

“I put my dreams on hold for 8 years before I realized I didn’t have to.”

About NINA

As the CEO and Founder of Nina Urman Coaching, Nina Urman is a Life Coach & Facilitator and the Confidence-Expert for High-Achieving Women.

A former professional tennis player and a life-strategist with 10+ years of experience delivering transformations, Nina supports women leaders around the world, helping them to tap into the highest expression of themselves so they can live extraordinary lives on ALL levels.

She thinks in English, feels in Russian, organizes in German, speaks fluent French and coaches in all four languages.

Nina’s holistic InsideOut-Coaching Method and laser- like tools ignite real change that lasts a lifetime.

Nina has a Masters Degree in Finance & Strategy and International Relations from Sciences Po and MGIMO and is a Certified Executive and Life-Coach.

As a high-achieving women and mom herself, Nina has a wealth of experience managing a career and a thriving blended family with three young children and four stepchildren.

How long do you want to wait?

I pinch myself every morning when I wake up! I love my life and truly live my purpose. I feel empowered while being married to a powerful man and in my roles as a spouse and mom.

I have beautiful relationships with my husband and all of my stepchildren and children. (7 in total!)

I am aligned and at peace, even when things are not working out exactly as I had envisioned them. I know where to find the answers.

But of course, it wasn’t always this way.

I remember feeling miserable and unfulfilled although I had everything I wanted “on paper.” I was ashamed to want more. (You should be just happy with your amazing life right?)

I would contract on the inside every time I was asked: “So what do YOU do?” I was desperate, because that powerful calling inside of me was trapped.

I was stuck on a treadmill: racing ahead, feeling overwhelmed, without ever reaching the place where I felt better and started to see results. 

What changed to allow me to truly become the CEO of my own life?

I changed: My thoughts about myself changed.

I learned how to manage my mind and process my emotions and take massive action towards achieving my dreams.

Are YOU ready to take charge of your life?

Apply for the next session of The Reinvent yourself on Purpose Coaching Program for high-achieving women and moms and let me guide you! It’s time for you… to reinvent yourself!

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Reset, Rediscover, Redesign Your Life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Just to give you an idea, we were offering the following times for the April 2022 group:

  • Tuesdays: 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM CET (Central European Time, Paris Time)
  • Thursdays: 7 PM-8:30 PM CET

Each group is capped at 10.

The choice of preferred time for your group is first come/first served.

The exact times for September are yet to be decided.

We will have 3 different groups.

You’ll have a demonstrable improvement in your ability to reinvent yourself on all levels. Don’t be surprised if the people in your life start to comment on how differently you begin to handle things and how you glow from within!

Simply put, therapy is for healing yourself and coaching is for developing yourself. Coaching is a strength-based and goal oriented approach to adult developmental growth. If you feel as though you need to heal your past and processed trauma before you step into your best future self, therapy may be the best choice for you.

If you have any questions about this, please contact [email protected].

Reinvent yourself on Purpose requires you to do work on yourself, and then take away action items to work on every week. It’s an opportunity to better understand yourself, your own behaviors, and mind.
And it is a real asset to have the support and accountability of other high-achieving woman that get you. It is cathartic and healing to witness other people going through similar things that you can relate to.
You’re learning from being coached in the group format, and also learning from other people being coached.

Hearing from women and getting to know them in such an intimate way, coming from all walks of life, and different experiences is such an incredible experience in itself.

This is a safe and confidential environment, a judgment-free zone where it’s safe to be vulnerable and to explore the stories that are keeping you stuck.
And if you’re not ready, there’s power in hearing others get coached. You’re able to see clearly how their thought process is flawed, even if you can’t recognize it in yourself. Witnessing their lightbulb moment will illuminate your own. There’s so much power in a group of women coming together to uplevel their lives.

The simple truth is, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. But even a small amount of mindwork (5-15 minutes a day) can make a difference. All calls will be recorded. I also strongly encourage you to utilize the community for support.

This isn’t school in a traditional sense. Your self-directed learning is “take at your own pace” with worksheets, prompts, and workbooks provided for you to refer to. As mentioned above, we recommend committing to a minimum of 5-15 minutes of thoughtwork a day to see results.

All calls will be recorded and available for you to watch, or listen to.

You’ll have full access to the curriculum for the lifetime of the Reinvent yourself on Purpose Program.

All group coaching, Q & A’s and online communication is kept private within your 10-person cohort.  All one-on-one coaching sessions are 100% confidential between you and Nina.

Yes! We welcome high-achieving women from all corners of the globe as part of our community.

The tools you learn in the Reinvent Yourself On Purpose group coaching program will be practiced during both your group and individual coaching calls. By the end of this program you’ll know how to implement them in your day-to-day life forever — this is one of the key factors to creating time for you and your dreams.

Yes. You can pay in full or in or choose a payment plan over the 3 months.

Please email [email protected] and we’ll take care of you.