Striving for ‘The Unconditional Life’

unconditional life

When we consider our existing conditions (physical, financial, mental, behavioral relationship-conditions) as ‘what is’ as fixed and not changeable, it is very hard to create and visualize the ‘what can be’ or potentially ‘what will be’. In fact it is impossible.

What we attract are certain practiced energetic vibration, that than tend to reaffirm the reality we create.

We expect certain things, situations and people to be a certain way, we put them in boxes, we label their “being” and expect certain outcomes and behaviors.

She is so ’emotional’ we say or “I am just not a math person”. I will never succeed or have a better financial situation. I am never lucky.

And when they do happen in reality, we say: “see, I told you, this is just another example.” What we don’t see is everything’s else that is happening at the same time while we focus on ‘what is’.

When you don’t give a space for ‘conditions’ to evolve, change, alter they never will. Life tends to underline the conditioned reality. It says: well, if you think this way: here is more of it.

What you put out there-you get back as a boomerang sooner or later.

Your conditions, your relationships, your interactions become a mirror of who you are being.

I have experienced this basic truth of own life many times and with many of my clients.

The unconditional life perspective gives one the opportunity for flow and freedom and evolution, development and progress…basically for the creation of ‘what will be’.

YOU and only YOU create your reality, your perspective on things and people. Remember that YOU always have the choice on how you view a situation, a person, a relationship.

You might not have the control or a situation or a ‘condition’ but you surely have all the control and choice on how to look at it or WHO you are BEING during the process.

So if life is made up anyways: why don’t we always create it to be pleasurable and joyful, magical and fun?

The very basic answer to this boils down to FEAR.


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