Remember to Remember: Seeing the gifts of Life

Gift of life

Last week when the family came together for Christmas, I was overwhelmed and a bit worried. Is this all going to work out well? Is the food good enough, the house beautiful enough, are my parents going to be happy? Did I get the right presents?

Then I stopped for a moment and listened.

I remembered to Remember: It isn’t about the perfect dinner, atmosphere, the ideal moment. This is about coming together and celebrating love and light in a special moment.

All of the sudden the underlying mechanics and the universal truths and wisdoms reality offers were clear.

I am holding the intention to learn all the time, to see the gifts that life brings me…and to take them with gratitude and acceptance.

Every day, there are so many open doors for opportunities, but sometimes we are so eager to push that one door that we don’t even see everything that is there for us.

The biggest challenge is to stay AWAKE and not let yourself get sucked in into judgment, external societal pressure, and toxic relationships that take more energy away.

You have full control over your life, over your thoughts, over your intentions. You might not be in control on what is happening to you, but you have full power of choice on how to respond.

It takes some practice to establish a healthy routine for YOU and develop YOUR rituals and tools that help you love a fulfilled and happy life every day. The first step is really self-awareness.

Being AWARE of your body, your mind and soul is crucial to your development and evolution towards your BEST SELF.

I am striving for is to be fear-free, to take care of my energetic space with conscious neutrality, like a scientist, like an observer, not to be dominated my EGO but rather surrender and let myself guide by the truth.

The Clarity, the wisdom, the Truth is so simple…
It is a clear “No” to fear, no to hate, no to suffering.

The second part is to shine it to as many people as I can and hold the space for those who are around you.

Responding to life with love and inspiration; even when people are disrespectful and situations hurtful.

WE are consciousness, so the idea is to become more aware, more accepting and more loving to ourselves which will lead to the expansion of love and light.

Ask yourself, what I am choosing to experience today really helping me and others around me?

Is it really in alignment with who I want to BE today?

The real challenge is designing everyday who you want to BE with tools that respond to the life you would like to experience.

Much love,


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