About Nina


Through my own struggles, triumphs and challenges, I practice everyday to bring humor, love and light to even the most seemingly tough situations.

I am your champion, the one who stands for your dreams, even when you forget.

I work with women who are longing to find passion, fulfillment and joy in their life. I have seen too many people become sick, stressed, overwhelmed or just plain dissatisfied with life. Too many people are trudging through their lives with the underlying question, “Is this it? Is this all there is?” They then find themselves engaged in jobs and activities they have no interest in, simply to survive or to meet some imaginary standard set by the external world.

My Story

I grew up in Siberia and later moved to the German-French border pursuing very intense athletic and academic goals with the objective of having a great career with a good salary, being successful in all parts of my life. Becoming a life coach was never on my life-radar, to be honest if you asked me 10 years ago, I probably wouldn’t have even known what it is.

I have gone through various episodes throughout my life of vast insecurities and self-judgment, especially in my early years as a professional tennis player…

I was putting a lot of pressure on myself, struggling with self-confidence issues and perfectionism addictions. I was often afraid of not having succeeded, of not being good enough, and of not living up to the expectations of my parents, coaches, teams, and of course, myself…

These feelings of low self-worth and competitiveness were also visible in other areas of my life…studies, work, family life and later motherhood… I felt a lot of pressure to always be the best at everything — the best wife, daughter, mother, friend, colleague, role model, confidant etc. You name it, I have tried to be the best at it.

In my search for my professional and personal purpose, as well as my passions, I have studied many subjects from theater and communications, to social studies and psychology, to finances and International relations…making sure that I lived life fully but while also wanting to prove to everyone around me that I was successful, intelligent, beautiful, and fit enough…

I wanted to be all of these things to everyone, but the truth is, it is humanly impossible to be everything to everyone all the time no matter how hard you try. It is an UNREALISTIC EXPECTATION!


Not Good Enough

enoughAll of us are starving to be seen, to be heard, to belong, and to be loved…
EVERY ACTION is either an ACT of love or a CRY for love.

But sometimes while planning the future or regretting the past, we forget to live in the present moment, to enjoy what we have today, right now.
We are running around and we look in the mirror, but we don’t really see ourselves.

Study after study confirms that this craving to be everything to everyone and the consequent fear of not being “good enough” is widespread, especially among women.

There’s no denying that it’s harmful to our personal and professional progress, to our relationships, and most importantly, to our love and confidence in ourselves.


The Way Out

comfortIf we recognize these patterns and pay attention to the source of our self-doubt, there’s a good possibility that we’ll be conscious of it and able to work through it once it starts to creep in.

My research with women and my personal experience show that the biggest proponents of low self-worth are …

1: Constant comparison of ourselves to other women (particularly on social media platforms)

2. The insane amount of pressure we put on ourselves to do, be, and have it all.

On my personal path it is when I learned to uncover my true desires and needs, stopped constantly comparing myself to others, and accept myself as is, that I could finally limit self-sabotage and interior judgment.

This is when I started making conscious choices and decided to surround myself with people who support me and make me a better version of myself.

Part of the secret ingredient is stepping out of your comfort zone, being vulnerable and sharing honestly where you don’t think you’re good enough. You will be amazed of the reaction and the weight that will fall of your shoulders.

The desire to learn and to continuously improve myself and my environment help me to multitask every day between family life, work and self-development.

I am constantly working on myself, by building my skills in personal development, developing myself as a skilled expert, training with many institutions and coaching many people around the world.

But even today, there are days I’m convinced that any success I’ve had thus far has been a fluke — a careful combination of luck and timing.

When I grapple with feelings that I am just not good enough, I have to remember that having it all together is unrealistic (for ALL OF US).
I remind myself that someone else’s definition of accomplishment doesn’t necessarily have to be mine. I’m always seeking to understand what “success” means on my own terms and remember to view my own life through that lens.

Remember, your own definition of success may not be someone else’s.

Too often, we (especially women) do not allow ourselves to connect with our own desires. We don’t give ourselves permission to think about what we want out of life because we fear that if we don’t give a 100 % to our loved ones we won’t get any love in return.

Today I want to share with you the Dream Dare Act Approach that helps you to overcome these fears of, low self esteem, self-doubt, and feelings of shame and guilt…

It is when we decide to be worthy and claim our passion, our power and our purpose in life that the magic happens!

Life doesn’t happen TO you, it happens FOR you.


My Life Purpose

My purpose today is to recognize and cultivate the potential in others.
If I can help expand my client’s awareness and lead to a transformation, I feel deep satisfaction.



My Values

The values that are important for me in life are generosity, authenticity, responsibility and inner beauty.



My Passions (my 3 F’s)

  • Family: This is really what matters the most to me and what I cherish most. I am grateful every day for my amazing family. I currently live in Paris with my husband, our son Nikolai and my 4 step-children Max, Candice, Jade and Clement.
  • Friends: I am convinced that you are who you surround yourself with. For me it is all about meaningful connections, building relationships, and harvesting them every day. I want to surround myself with generous, loving and caring people…
  • Fun: I want to live life fully and mindfully, enjoying every moment. My passion for traveling keeps me experiencing new cultures that inspire me again and again, I also love dancing, sports, laughing, being silly and simply living in the moment.