Launch of the First InsideOut Circle!

Ladies InsideOut

I am so thrilled to have launched my first InsideOut Circle last Thursday with 10 amazing and beautiful ladies.
I am very grateful for all the authentic sharing, the exchanges and the energy…I couldn’t have wished for more! You are such a diverse and beautiful group from the Inside out:-).

More and more women are looking for a safe and confidential environment not only to network but also exchange on a deeper level and share their issues & challenges and professional endeavors, without having to put on a mask or “being strong”. The idea of the InsideOut Circles is to provide such a safe haven where mutual support & creative collaboration are the most natural thing!

Read below what the participants have to say:-)
Much Love and many blessings, Nina

Dear Nina and Ladies,

Nina, thank you for being such a lovely host and providing such an array of food for body and soul. You created the “space” for us to come together. I felt that regardless of the setting, what was impactful was the experience you provided – and I am sure you can replicate that anywhere, you home, your new project, a park. Thanks to your presence, generosity and guidance, you generated the gratitude and empathy we felt as a group. It was magic and powerful.

Ladies, a real honor to meet you all. Thank you for opening up – and rather than feel exposed and weakened by what I shared with you, thanks to your own willingness to be vulnerable, I had a sense of belonging to a clan/tribe that gave me inspiration, perspective and strength. Thank you!

Passing ships or new friends, whatever we may be, it is precious.

Best wishes, Adriana

Nina is so warm and nurturing, it seems at odds with her personal background in competitive sports and business. However these skills come together beautifully to give her the drive, perspective and optimism needed to guide the most diverse and demanding groups. I attended an extraordinary session with a mixed group of women I had never met. Thanks to Nina’s direction, our group found a level of camaraderie based on empathy and a connection I have rarely found within such a short amount of time. I see great potential for Inside Out Circles as a way to gaining a sense of community we very much need.

Dear Nina,

Thank you for organising such a beautiful evening with such special women. It was an inspiring (and intense) few hours! I enjoyed it immensely, and despite only having had 6 hours of sleep feel energised for the day. Nina you are gifted :) Keep pursuing…All the best to all of you, and hope this will be continued.

Hugs! Fianna

Thank you Nina for such a memorable evening! 

Your positive energy and compassion created a wonderful safe haven of authentic exchange.

Wishing you a serene next few months…the birth of your baby and your project!

How exciting and profound.

I loved meeting all of you wonderful women. I feel that we are all facets of each other. Not just those of us in the room, but all women everywhere.

For me, it was also a good reminder that there is always much more than we imagine going on beneath the surface of everyone we meet.

Important then, to always interact with others with kindness and compassion. 

The evening inspired me to be more patient and understanding with everyone who crosses my path … even the men…. 😉

Thank you.


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