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Personal coaching is a tremendous investment in yourself. It is a powerful custom-designed alliance between the two of us, the coach and the client: an ongoing, confidential relationship with focus, intent, commitment, enthusiasm and action from both sides.

The goal of our connection is to forward and enhance the lifelong process of your learning, effectiveness and fulfillment.

I met my first coach and guide at 25 and it dramatically changed the course of my life, putting me on the path to live a life that is fulfilling on all levels. I want the same for you.

You are here to be brilliant and unique in your own way and to make an impact on the world.

I am your champion, the one who stands for your dreams, even when you forget.

Making a difference begins Inside of you. Whatever it is you are dealing with, it is my mission to guide you through the process while feeling more confident, happier and fulfilled.

I am here to create the environment that will support you in understanding and dealing with what is in the way of your needs and desires.

I am trained as a life coach, hold a Masters Degree in Finance and Strategy and International Relations, and a Bachelor in Communication and Social Science.

But my most important and extensive training is from my life experiences. I have dealt with career confusion and “failure”, enormous self-pressure, relationship issues and endings that have taught me life lessons that I am inspired to teach you. I believe we are all our own best inner counselor and coach, sometimes we simply need someone else to help get us started.

Advantages of Coaching on Skype

  • Skype offers you the ability to experience life coaching anywhere in the world.
  • You will be comfortable in your own environment.
  • It is easier to adapt to your schedule when you are busy on business trips, holidays. We are all busy, so let’s make the most out of our time together! Skype offers you the opportunity to schedule your sessions easily and accommodate your timetable.
  • Last but not least: Skype is free.

Our Work together

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We begin by taking an overview of your life and identifying areas that need action and/or attention.
We will then establishing clear, concrete, measurable goals and support you in connecting to your own inner drum beat.

You are capable of so much more than you know or are currently imagining. I do not solve your problems; I do not fix you, but rather guide you into solving them on your own.

My relationships with my clients are intimate, honest, and rewarding. I listen with understanding and 100% confidentiality.

Over the weeks, you will develop your own personal tool kit full of powerful tools to help you unleash your resources and further develop your potential.

Scheduling & Pricing Information

Coaching sessions conducted by phone, Skype or in person if you live in the Paris area. You can schedule your sessions right here on my site. One month commitment is strongly recommended up front.

The total investment for your personalized, transformative coaching program will be discussed during your free “Step into your Spotlight Discovery call.”

Standard sessions usually take around 45 minutes to 1 hour and are at least a week apart.

Your individual coaching packages includes:

• Two sessions per month/meeting every other week (4 sessions total)
• Unlimited email correspondence in between sessions
• Initial intake questionnaire that you complete and we review before our first session
• Homework and reading assignments to keep you focused and growing
• A personalized action plan and self-care program
• Confidentiality
• Freedom to ask and share anything you want



Payment is required up front (we can work with you on a payment plan) and the cancellation policy is 24 hours in advance.

If you would like to begin coaching or have questions, we’d love to hear from you. You can either schedule your first free session right here on my Online Calendar or email me at :


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