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With Nina Urman - The Confidence Coach for Executive Spouses

Ready to BECOME THE CEO of your Life?

I pinch myself every morning waking up.

I love my life and truly live my purpose.

I have a beautiful relationship with my multiple entrepreneur CEO husband and all of my stepchildren and children. (7 in total!)

I feel aligned and at peace even when things are not working out the exact way, I imagined them to happen.

I know where to find the answers.

I have found the formula to match the inside to the outside.


But of course, it wasn’t always that way.

I remember times when I was feeling miserable and unfulfilled although I had everything I wanted on paper. 

I was ashamed to want for more (You should be just happy with your amazing life as the wife of CEO, right?).

I would contract inside every time people would ask me: So what do YOU do?

I was desperate, because that huge calling inside of me, was exactly there-still inside of me. The ladies from my forum know. I was stuck in the doing, doing, doing, without feeling better and getting results.

What changed to help me go from being the CHO, Chief Home Officer, to truly becoming the CEO of my life?

I changed. My thoughts about myself changed.

I learned how to manage my mind and process my emotions and take massive actions towards my dreams.

I stopped ignoring the MAIN thing that influences every single thing we do in life: 

Our Personal Energy.

Are YOU Ready to take your power?

Are YOU to manifest your full potential with incredible confidence you didn’t even know you had?

I am here to support you on your journey.

Re-design your Mind. Re-design your Life.

Becoming the CEO of your Life is a 3-Month group coaching experience grounded in developmental and positive psychological science and it is the ONLY program specifically focusing on women married to high level executives.

I have specifically built this coaching experience for Executive Spouses, who are ready to change their beliefs about who they are and what they’re capable of achieving.

You will learn the most effective and focused way to re-discover yourself, to gain clarity about how to design your life and to draw deep within yourself to build the confidence to go after your dreams.

These are the results you can expect:

You have complete confidence in your ability to create the results you want.

You have clarity and a roadmap of how to create exactly what you want in life ON YOUR TERMS.

You have steady momentum and continuous progress.

You learn how to solve ANY problem on your own.

You feel totally at peace with your life / work balance.

Imagine 1 year from now...

You’re looking around and thinking, “THIS is what I wanted to create.” It is done and it is beautiful.  Everything you wanted to achieve in a year. It all starts in your Mind




Design your Unique Vision

We’ll cover your “big picture” vision and help you connect to your Essence. It’s time to be present in your life and create momentum.

You will learn:

o  How to Manage Your Mind: stop resenting your partner and connect to your true self.

o  How to work with your brain instead of against it.

o  How to drop toxic thinking.

o  How to manage your energy-levels and truly nourish yourself before taking care of everyone else.

o  How to reclaim your self-worth.

o  How to love yourself when you aren’t sure you deserve it.

o  How to exponentially increase your confidence.


Nina Urman The Importance of Mind-Management and Emotional Hygiene in Uncertain Times

Month 2: BELIEF

Find and USE! your Unique Genius

You will learn:

o  How to discover and cultivate Your Unique Gift.

o  How to utilize your 3 Super Powers: Imagination, Meditation, Intuition.

o  How to use your emotions in a positive way instead of letting them work against you.

o  How to harness your emotions as fuel to achieve your goals.

o  How to believe you can do what you’ve never done before.

You will learn how to create a life that amplifies your gifts and makes a difference.

We’ll take a deep-dive into emotions and techniques to tap into your resources.

This is where it all goes to the next level.


Month 3: ACTION

Take Massive Action & build Self-confidence from within

You will learn:

  • How to set goals and overcome the obstacles in your way.
  • How to take Massive Action.
  • How to get it all done.
  • How to plan your time in a way that gets results.
  • How to create the life you want without judgment.
  • How to become a powerful decision-maker.
  • How to take action even when it feels awful.

We will help you tune into your natural habit flow and create a goal/strategy plan to re-design your life in a way that serves you most!

The Breakdown

Here’s what you’ll find inside your Becoming The CEO of My Life Program Toolkit: 

·     8 Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Nina for your opportunity to get coached live in a safe, supportive space.

Even if you don’t get coached live on a given week, you’ll be learning from the experiences you share with the other women in your group. 

·     2 LIVE One-on-One Sessions with Nina to focus on individual aspects of your life, practice using your self-coaching tools, and customize your group coaching experience.

A Private FB Community of “like-minded women to support you in the work of digging deep into your reflex thoughts, shedding those that aren’t serving you, and replacing them with more helpful thoughts. A safe space to drop your guard and learn to be kinder to yourself (realizing along the way you are not alone on the journey).

·     Workbooks, Prompts, Worksheets, and Self-Coaching Tools to help you implement the curriculum in your day-to-day life and enable you to get unstuck.

Do you need an introduction to Nina?

Nina Urman is a keynote speaker, group facilitator, and intuitive life coach committed to guiding people and organizations into their highest potential.
As a former professional tennis player and life-strategist with 10+ years of experience delivering transformations, Nina supports Executive Spouses around the world to tap into the highest expression of themselves so they can live extraordinary lives on ALL levels.
She is an I.C.F. professional coach, a certified professional ‘Co-Active’ coach, a certified Life Coach and holds a Master degree in Finance and International Relations.
As an expert in Mind-management, Intuition, Mindfulness, Leadership, and Conscious parenting Nina offers a holistic InsideOut-Coaching Method & laser-like tools to ignite real change that lasts a lifetime.
A CEO Spouse herself, Nina has a wealth of experience managing a career and a thriving blended family with three young children and four stepchildren.
Nina thinks in English, feels in Russian, organizes in German, speaks fluent French, and coaches in all four languages.

Nina Urman Newsletter
Nina Urman Newsletter

You are one click away from creating your own reality and becoming the CEO of your Life

  • Become more confident than ever. Believe in yourself, no matter what.
  • Build an amazing relationship with your husband.
  • Set audacious goals.
  • Apply and master the tools to redesign your life with three months of weekly, master-level group coaching.
  • Receive Lifetime access the workbooks that detail every tool needed to redesign your life.


This is for CEO Spouses who are

    • Have checked the boxes of what “should” make them happy, and wonder why they still don’t feel fulfilled.
    • Want to stop maintaining a picture-perfect, Instagram-ready life and end chasing external sources for their happiness.
    • Are determined to look inside their mind and process their emotions.
    • Are ready to actually DO the work and not just talk about it!!!!
  • ready to live their lives on purpose

  • intelligent, world traveller, global woman

    Driven, ambitious, high-level, world-class women that want to Have it all

    I only work with women that are fully committed and ready to go ALL in on themselves.

  • What is it costing you?


    You will stay in the good zone, never having really used your full potential and faced your fears. The goal of life is NOT to be safe and to play it small, but rather to EVOLVE beyond our deepest limitations and fears.

There is no magic formula, magic pill, magic tactic. There’s nothing else that you need, that is outside of you, in order to live YOUR vision for yourself.