Carina Ertl

Carina ErtlIn the last 10 years I have been very fortunate to work with great executive coaches who helped me pursue and achieve my professional career goals but left out other parts of life. Nina Urman has an amazing holistic approach that puts yourself in the center and looks at ALL parts of your life not just one aspect! With very easy yet hands-on exercises she helps you to go through all these facets and find balance and organic growth in all of them. She has execptional analytical skills combined with amazing empathy and energy and will help you regain and achieve your true passion and goals and lead you towards a balanced lifestyle! She has definitely been a tremendous influence and incredible sparing partner in my personal journey and I can only highly recommend working with her!

Trisha Paterson (Designer in Paris, France)

Trisha PatersonWith marriage, children and many international moves I had seemed to have lost my way professionally and was feeling unfulfilled creatively. Nina has helped me dream again and she has me dare to take a chance and create my opportunities. Lastly with her help I have been able to put into action my dreams. I am actively designing again and am very appreciate of all her help in getting me there. Thank you Nina

Kelly Mebane (Mother of two beautiful children in Austin, US)

Kelly MebaneThe result of Nina’s coaching has meant great personal growth and enrichment for me and I continue to gain huge fulfillment from our sessions together.

Nina was the first to introduce me to the concept of coaching, and now having done several sessions with her, I see the tremendous value in this practice of self-exploration and personal growth, and I have recommended her to many friends. Nina is warm, authentic, kind and gentle. She is particularly gifted at creating an atmosphere that is safe, optimistic and inspiring. I’ve enjoyed sessions with Nina where we’ve gone to a very deep level of reflection that’s helped me know and understand myself better, and we’ve also had sessions that are highly practical where I’ve listed and ranked commitments to help me achieve a balanced lifestyle. Nina has helped me identify my needs, passions and goals; she has helped me transition to a new country; she has helped me improve on my relationships through better communication. Allowing myself this time to work with Nina is the greatest gift I have ever given myself!

Stephi Hill Said (Business Executive in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

Stephi Hill SaidDream, Dare, Act….. That is exactly what Nina has inspired me to do! In a short time, she has changed my perspective on my present life and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and take a leap toward the life I want to live. She has guided me through exercises that push my limits and boundaries, only to come out the other side with such an amazing new sense of self, and confidence to pursue my dreams and goals. It is rare to find someone who can listen so deeply, anticipate your inner hesitations and give you tools to get past them, as well as help you to discover energy inside that you never knew you had…. That is what Nina has done for me, and I consider myself lucky to have a chance to work with her!

Ashley Mattei (Fantastic TV host in Charlotte, US)

Ashley MatteiMy time spent in coaching with Nina Urman was profound and rewarding in both my personal and professional life.
Nina helped me set clear goals and then guided me on how to use my strengths to meet those goals. Nina is a calm and confident coach; her unique ideas helped get me on a path to success both at work and at home.
Nina’s use of practical yet enlightening exercises helped me identify the areas in my life that needed the most attention. As my sessions continued, she helped me maintain my focus and set new goals as needed.
What I appreciated most about working with Nina was her attention to detail and her genuine care and concern for a good outcome for her clients. I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Nina Urman— it is time well spent!

Emilie Le Provot ( Graphic Designer in Paris, France)

Emilie Le ProvotLe travail que j’ai pu effectuer avec Nina a été très soutenant, encourageant et libérateur. Le plus important selon moi est la créativité et l’intuition qui sont présentes à chaque séances. Car plus encore que les outils j’ai apprécié le sens, les valeurs et le partage personnalisé avec la personne. Quand un travail qui s’effectue avec le coach et sa personne c’est important que ce soit une belle personne.

Steffi ( Master Student of Psychology in Berlin, Germany)

SteffiVon Anfang an habe ich mich in den Gesprächen mit Nina sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Sie ist eine hervorragende Zuhörerin, die ihr Gegenüber sehr wertschätzt. Bereits nach einigen Sitzungen konnte ich meine persönlichen und beruflichen Ziele klarer fassen, sodass ich sie heute gezielter verfolgen kann. Man muss dabei nicht gleich sein ganzes Leben umkrempeln. Nina hat mir vielmehr dabei geholfen, die wirklichen wichtigen Dinge in meinem Leben zu fokussieren. Vielen Dank Nina!

Tony Barton (Personal Coach and founder of “Red Kite Coaching” in London, England)

Tony BartonNina is a remarkable young woman, someone who makes a strong impact from the moment you meet her – she is charismatic, inspiring and powerful in equal measure.
Specifically Nina has a rare gift to hold what is serious in a light way that allows others to find their own way to access whatever she is communicating.

Andrew Sheridan (Personal Coach and founder of “On the Up” in Luxemburg, Luxemburg)

Andrew SheridanOn each occasion, I found myself impressed (and reassured that my initial impressions were indeed correct) by her passion, dedication and energy with regards to anything she has set her mind to. Nina has evolved to be an inspiring and motivated coach, and her commitment to contributing to creating a better community around her is without question.

Anna Sideri (Yoga teacher and healer, Athens Greece)

Anna SideriThe minute I met Nina I knew that this lady is no ordinary person.
I saw her light and her calmness, her strength to face every day challenges with confidence and inspiration.
I then realized that the mentor I was looking for in life had just revealed her face to me!
Yes, Yoga has made me overcome my fears and wounds but how could I bring my new ME into daily life challenges? Or how could I combine spirituality through Yoga and modern world? After long talks and sessions with Nina I accomplished to overcome my fears and to focus on my dreams…and now I can dare to make it happen.
With her life coaching I feel stronger than ever in my life. There magical happened in our first session! With Nina’s specific target questions I could search the answers in me and I felt that hidden courage and self-confidence rising up … no therapist before has asked me exactly what I dream about and seriously made me see my abilities to easily achieve what I want to manifest!
Thank you Nina