Sailing to your Pleasure Island – a Life Journey


Life is like a sailboat ride…

Let’s say you are the explorer of your life on a long journey traveling to your dream destination, your Pleasure Island.

May be you have already a very clear idea of what your destination is and you are ready to chart your course…

If this is the case, I want you to picture it for a moment.

What do you see? You just have arrived with your boat and jump of… feel the warm sand on your feet, the beauty of the Island…the vegetation, are there palm trees, fruits, people, animals that live on the island?…anything you want is here, all your needs and desires…it is the place you find peace and inner calm.

And sometimes there is no perfect place or ultimate destination we are trying to get to, we are simply trying developing a healthier more congruent relationship with ourselves and others around us…

It doesn’t mean you are a bad person if you fall off track and it doesn’t mean you are a good person if you stick to the plan.

The wind in your sails will be your motivation, your inspiration and your help…

Once you are ready to sail you have to constantly balance, pay attention to the change in wind, the sun, follow the stars…manage your crew, be ready for a storm so you can confidently sail from Pain to Pleasure Island.

Your captain is your leader you inner authority, your wisdom.

But the more you sail, the more skills you develop, the better you know your boat, your captain-your inner authority and the crew-your support, the better you can navigate your boat to your dream destination, your safe harbor.

Take Risks. Navigate the unfamiliar waters beyond your Comfort Zone!

I have learned in my life that getting out of your comfort zone is what really brings learning and meaning.

This is a little uncomfortable at first…and it takes some courage to go there. And this is the whole point.

This is when you most need to TRUST yourself and your divine helpers, your Life Compass will guide you.

Resisting the circumstances, blaming the people in your way, worrying about what is going to happen isn’t helpful…it actually prevents you from making conscious choices in the right direction.

It is like sailing against the waves, attacking others boats and constantly being afraid of storm that might show up on the horizon.

Here are the 5 Steps of Transformation that worked for me and so many of my clients:

  1. Stepping back and knowing yourself and what is pushing your buttons, what bothers, what brings you off balance is the first step to full self-awareness, self-acceptance and finally self-love.
  1. Letting go and being fully open and vulnerable with yourself and with others is what opens up the channels of wisdom.
  1. The third step is: Saying YES to Self. Giving yourself permission to fully express and communicate your needs and desires.
  1. Taking an Empowered Step Forward, taking the risk that it might not work out all at once.
  1. Evaluate and see: How can I make this even better?

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