Remember to Remember: Seeing the gifts of Life

Gift of life

Last week when the family came together for Christmas, I was overwhelmed and a bit worried. Is this all going to work out well? Is the food good enough, the house beautiful enough, are my parents going to be happy? Did I get the right presents?

Then I stopped for a moment and listened.

I remembered to Remember: It isn’t about the perfect dinner, atmosphere, the ideal moment. This is about coming together and celebrating love and light in a special moment. Read More…

Simple Wisdoms for Complex Lives


How to Let Go

This past weekend I was exchanging with my mentor and friend Kosta Stoyanoff, a spiritual guide & speaker who combines his background as a physical trainer, therapist and spiritual leader to share his experience on how to live more “free and lightly”.
I soaked up so much of his wisdom that I just had to share it with you.
One of the things we talked about and also something I see so often with my clients is:

How much we are attached to the outcome

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10 Life Lessons to Remember


Last week I had the privilege to meet and exchange with the legendary John Maclean, who was left paraplegic at the age of 22 and still managed to do the Iron Man 25 years later 3 times!

What an inspiration to all of us to believe in ourselves, to overcome our judgments and insecurities and go for it, no matter how impossible it seems…

Sometimes, It is so easy to fall into self-pity, be a victim and to let fear come into our hearts. In those moments of internal dialogue it is crucial to find a positive line of mind, to visualize the best possible outcome, to change the perspective, to be the observer of the situation…to see the bigger picture and ask yourself: what is possible for me?

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Sailing to your Pleasure Island – a Life Journey


Life is like a sailboat ride…

Let’s say you are the explorer of your life on a long journey traveling to your dream destination, your Pleasure Island.

May be you have already a very clear idea of what your destination is and you are ready to chart your course…

If this is the case, I want you to picture it for a moment.

What do you see? You just have arrived with your boat and jump of… feel the warm sand on your feet, the beauty of the Island…the vegetation, are there palm trees, fruits, people, animals that live on the island?…anything you want is here, all your needs and desires…it is the place you find peace and inner calm.

And sometimes there is no perfect place or ultimate destination we are trying to get to, we are simply trying developing a healthier more congruent relationship with ourselves and others around us… Read More…

Where women confidently step into their authentic Light!


Hey there,

My name is Nina and my overall mission is to guide women towards more self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love!

If you would like to achieve your highest potential and create the BEST LIFE for you, you are in the right place!
I help women to overcome their self-doubts and fears of not being good enough so they can confidently step into their spotlight without judgment, pressure or guilt.

I myself have gone through various episodes in my life of vast insecurities, self-judgment and stress. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself, struggling with high-achiever issues and perfectionism addictions…

My life changed when I learned how to connect with my inner guidance and remove obstacles, distractions, and limiting beliefs that kept me from trusting and following through.

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Ultimate destination : love


This summer has been truly transformational for me. I have taken the time and space to really work on myself physically as well as emotionally and spiritually in a beautiful and calm setting in magical Greece.

6 weeks focusing on my self and my family, connecting with my inner wisdom, practicing yoga everyday with an amazing teacher and spiritual leader gave me the opportunity to truly reconnect with myself and to alter my perspective on the busyness of everyday life. Read More…