Sabotage and Fear

Sad and upset woman deep in thought

If we are the creators of our life, why don’t we always create it to be pleasurable, joyful, magical and fun?

The very basic answer to this boils down to FEAR.

Fear of not succeeding, or not being good enough, fear of not being loved.

Fear of how others will react when we evolve into a healthier lifestyle into the next higher version of ourselves.

Sometimes are so afraid of our own light, the possibilities that we can attract, that it is easier to stay in the ‘conditions’ and find all kind of excuses to NOT change from within.

Instead we blame others, complain about external conditions and people.

Sabotage can come from two directions: the behavior of your friends, co-workers, colleagues, and family, or your own inner rebellion.

Others watching us venture into this healthier lifestyle may make comments, or they may rebel against us.

You may notice that some people close to you feel threatened when you embark on this kind of journey and they will tempt us with activities we’re trying to move away from. We may even feel guilty that they feel threatened (it’s NOT your fault that they feel bad) and sabotage ourselves to be accepted.

Self sabotage (self criticism, our INNER JUDGE can be very strong!) We judge and blame ourselves for not being ENOUGH

Remember: This is an Inside Out Life. You have to change from within to change the outside. 

What if we no longer could hide behind excuses for not becoming anything we want? For not allowing ourselves to really be who we truly are?

So, how do you do that?


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