The Only thing that needs to be changed is your vibration of LOVE.


We all want to feel fulfilled, happy and aligned with who we are.

The good thing is that from my experience we don’t need to CHANGE anything or anybody but ourselves, our vibration our level of expansion, our level of LOVE.

Things will only be different if you feel, think and act in ways that are in alignment with who you are and where you want to go.

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Heart and Soul-Centered Relationships

 Your relationships only reflect what is inside of you



While relationships of every kind are the heart and soul of our lives, they can also present us with our greatest challenges.

Are there times you find your partner’s, mother’s, father’s, children’s, friend’s behavior or choices upsetting and frustrating?

If you said, “Yes,” would you consider the possibility that these times are reflecting opportunities for healing in your consciousness?

Big mindset change, right? It is not about THEM, it is all about YOU.

Stay with me for a moment.

Your relationship interactions may actually be triggering YOUR unresolved issues so you can be aware of them and heal them!

The real question is: How can your relationships help you grow on a personal, professional and spiritual level?

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Why are you so hard on Yourself?


Everybody has those voices that make you feel like crap about yourself, sabotage you and telling you like you don’t belong. 

It’s that opinionated, critical, sabotaging voice in your head – the one who fills your mind with big fat lies like these:

“You’re not pretty, thin, smart, rich (fill in the blank) enough,”
“You don’t measure up… you are falling behind…”
“Don’t even try. You’ll fail!”
Someday thinking: “When you get there you will finally be happy, financially secure, loved, fill in the blank…”
“You are unlovable, damaged goods, beyond repair.”
“You’re never going to (fill in the blank) get married, get ahead, reach your goals, make enough money….

Negative, nasty, judgmental voices that love to get in your head.

No matter how much money you have, the color of your skin, which culture you are from, especially women have the tendency to beat themselves up for not being what they are supposed to be.

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Integration self love

How to accept where you are and move forward?

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great start into the New Year of 2016! It has been a very busy month for me of traveling, learning and growing. I have had incredible conversations, forum meetings, retreats and connected with some amazing teachers and mentors.

After witnessing so many on the path of self-discovery and transformation, I have noticed there are developmental phases to personal growth that I would like to share with you.

The first phase is Self-Awareness. 

Look around and ask yourself and ask: what role am I playing in the creation of my conditions, of my life?

Being aware of one’s responsibility in the creation of ones circumstances is key.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

We begin to learn that the results in our life are not just random.

This is when new tools, teachers and experiences come into our life that help us wake up. We begin to start connecting the dots of our own life.

Positive usually attracts more positive. The energy you send out, returns to you. You listen closer to your intuition, to your inner voice and start noticing what you attract and how.

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Self-Acceptance and Self-Love

3. Self-Acceptance and Self-Love

Acceptance basically means that we understand that we are all things:  “the good, the bad and the ugly”.

Unless you can give voice to the things that don’t work out…you cannot change them.

Understanding and valuing the parts that we have previously seen as insufficient, worthless, worrisome can turn into assets and bring a positive effect into our life.

So it is about accepting who we are and consciously creating boundaries and balance from within.

The Illusion has been broken: You are truly amazing, beautiful and complete. The is nothing wrong about you. You are exactly who you need to be and where you need to be. It is all a learning process. We are all students of life.

In this phase, you are not a new person, in fact, you are more authentically yourself than ever before because limiting beliefs and old stories have been dropped.

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Sad and upset woman deep in thought

Sabotage and Fear

If we are the creators of our life, why don’t we always create it to be pleasurable, joyful, magical and fun?

The very basic answer to this boils down to FEAR.

Fear of not succeeding, or not being good enough, fear of not being loved.

Fear of how others will react when we evolve into a healthier lifestyle into the next higher version of ourselves.

Sometimes are so afraid of our own light, the possibilities that we can attract, that it is easier to stay in the ‘conditions’ and find all kind of excuses to NOT change from within.

Instead we blame others, complain about external conditions and people.

Sabotage can come from two directions: the behavior of your friends, co-workers, colleagues, and family, or your own inner rebellion.

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unconditional life

Striving for ‘The Unconditional Life’

When we consider our existing conditions (physical, financial, mental, behavioral relationship-conditions) as ‘what is’ as fixed and not changeable, it is very hard to create and visualize the ‘what can be’ or potentially ‘what will be’. In fact it is impossible.

What we attract are certain practiced energetic vibration, that than tend to reaffirm the reality we create.

We expect certain things, situations and people to be a certain way, we put them in boxes, we label their “being” and expect certain outcomes and behaviors.

She is so ’emotional’ we say or “I am just not a math person”. I will never succeed or have a better financial situation. I am never lucky.

And when they do happen in reality, we say: “see, I told you, this is just another example.” What we don’t see is everything’s else that is happening at the same time while we focus on ‘what is’.

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