Ladies InsideOut

Launch of the First InsideOut Circle!

I am so thrilled to have launched my first InsideOut Circle last Thursday with 10 amazing and beautiful ladies.
I am very grateful for all the authentic sharing, the exchanges and the energy…I couldn’t have wished for more! You are such a diverse and beautiful group from the Inside out:-).

More and more women are looking for a safe and confidential environment not only to network but also exchange on a deeper level and share their issues & challenges and professional endeavors, without having to put on a mask or “being strong”. The idea of the InsideOut Circles is to provide such a safe haven where mutual support & creative collaboration are the most natural thing!

Read below what the participants have to say:-)
Much Love and many blessings, Nina

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My InsideOut Project

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My overall mission in life is to help people evolve into their highest expression so that they can live their BEST LIFE and positively impact the people they love most.

So I am thrilled to be launching a platform for 6-8 awesome professional women, who have big dreams for themselves, their companies and their legacy!

InsideOut Circles is for women who are doing their own thing successfully, but feel that they could benefit from a mix of accountability, sharing, and connecting with like-minded women who want to thrive at work and in life.

What exactly are InsideOut Circles?

  • Facilitated groups of trusted peers dedicated to consciousness, authenticity, and staying true to themselves, all while leading, growing, or starting a business or creative endeavor
  • Participants usually meet face to face on a regular basis in an atmosphere of confidentiality, respect and trust in order to exchange ideas and experiences on the issues that matter most to them.

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