Self-Acceptance and Self-Love


3. Self-Acceptance and Self-Love

Acceptance basically means that we understand that we are all things:  “the good, the bad and the ugly”.

Unless you can give voice to the things that don’t work out…you cannot change them.

Understanding and valuing the parts that we have previously seen as insufficient, worthless, worrisome can turn into assets and bring a positive effect into our life.

So it is about accepting who we are and consciously creating boundaries and balance from within.

The Illusion has been broken: You are truly amazing, beautiful and complete. The is nothing wrong about you. You are exactly who you need to be and where you need to be. It is all a learning process. We are all students of life.

In this phase, you are not a new person, in fact, you are more authentically yourself than ever before because limiting beliefs and old stories have been dropped.

Does this mean we are totally evolved and never have anything to work on? NO! We are still human, yet we have integrated so many tools and shifted internally, so when that when “issues” happen, we move into acceptance.

Understanding and living this fully doesn’t magically protect you from any ‘bad things’ happening to us. It is just that you accept the flow as is and nothing ‘bad’ really triggers you anymore.  Every challenge becomes an opportunity, every setback is a learning, every loss a message and a gift.

If you knew everything ahead of time, where would be the fun in life, right?

Our souls are in constant evolution, development.Think about it: If there was no contrast, how would you be able to see the light? Appreciate the positive, the amazing things life offers?

We stop fighting with reality and either accept it or change it.  We spend more time in the present moment rather than hung up on the past or tripping out about the future.

  1. Service from the Inside Out

In this phase we are not as focused on working on ourselves or changing our own lives. Instead, we are focused on a bigger vision and changing the lives of others. We feel called to share the love we feel. The truth is that we become light and love.

This is something we know from the inside, it is something we feel.

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