Consequences for NOT setting proper boundaries


The consequences for NOT setting proper boundaries with your time can create a sense of overwhelm, always giving to other people, thinking that everybody else is more important then you…your over-promise, you overcommit and your over-schedule…

Making other people’s wants and needs more important than yours eventually leads to a lack of self-respect and self-love.

What happens is that you start blaming other people for your lack of progress & Not taking positive action in the direction of your dreams.

Which gets you into a vicious cycle and finally in a relationship tension.

If you are not taking control of your time, you WILL be feeling stuck and not making progress.

And HEY! isn’t this a very convenient way of not living your dream?

Over-scheduling yourself with other people’s priorities gives you a great excuse to not be your BEST self. We create reasons to stay stuck, because we are afraid to take the risk, to face our beautiful light inside.

And then we say: I don’t have any time. I would love to write that book, I would love to live my dream and travel around the world, or start that business, go out on dates, I would love to take care more of my family…but I just don’t have the time.

Well, you will never have time if you don’t set proper boundaries.

On other consequence is: general stress, fight or flight response of your body… No high quality of life …gain of weight, lack of sleep…you name it.

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