10 Life Lessons to Remember


Last week I had the privilege to meet and exchange with the legendary John Maclean, who was left paraplegic at the age of 22 and still managed to do the Iron Man 25 years later 3 times!

What an inspiration to all of us to believe in ourselves, to overcome our judgments and insecurities and go for it, no matter how impossible it seems…

Sometimes, It is so easy to fall into self-pity, be a victim and to let fear come into our hearts. In those moments of internal dialogue it is crucial to find a positive line of mind, to visualize the best possible outcome, to change the perspective, to be the observer of the situation…to see the bigger picture and ask yourself: what is possible for me?

John’s father asked him: how far can you go? This question stuck with him…it was about doing his best without necessarily being the best.

It is a personal challenge not a competitive one…we are actually never competing with the others, only with ourselves. Challenging our minds to their best.

It is our believes that shape our lives. Whatever you believe is possible for you, is actually possible. It is 100 percent in your head. Your body is only executing what it is told…

The most difficult for John was to let go of his limiting belief that he was now a wheelchair athlete…until he actually saw the possibility to be able to walk again, to hold his wife’s hand on the beach and to lift up his son while standing up, he wasn’t ready to go there.

The lessons that I learned while exchanging with John are simple:


  1. We all have a story. The baggage of the past, yesterday’s “failures” and disappointments will hold you back…unless you see them as learning opportunities and hits.
  2. Do your best without being attached to the outcome. It is the attachment to wanting it so bad, that can actually prevent you from having what you want.
  3. Go for it with an open heart and mind. Don’t let other voices from the outside limit your possibilities. What you believe is possible, will eventually come true. “Thy will be done”
  4. There is no better time to live your dreams than NOW. The power of NOW is incredible. Don’t push your desires and childhood dreams to day X, when you will have more experience, more financial means, more time, more confidence…
  5. Take full responsibility of your life. Your thoughts and actions create it all. Life is an illusion, where you are the protagonist and since it is all made up, make it good. Make it positive. Make an impact.
  6. The quality of your life is greatly influenced by the quality of your rituals (i.e., habits). What you do each and every day, how you do it and the intention with which you do it are all factors in whether or not you will be successful. Set an Intention for your day and be fully present. What you put out there, get right back at you like a boomerang…Have a look in the mirror: do you like what you see?
  7. True wisdom comes from within, from inside out. Trust your intuition and your heart, but don’t let your brains fall out in the process.Mindfulness, visualization and meditation, conscious natural breathing can give you more clarity if practiced regularly.
  8. Downtime is very important. High achievers have the tendency to never stop, never rest, only do. Reevaluate what the most important things are in your life and how much quality time you are actually dedicating to what is so important to you. Pause and reflect. You deserve a break.
  9. Taking care of community and giving back is an important part of personal fulfillment and living your mission, leaving a legacy. A durable impact…
  10. Don’t take yourself to serious! Life is about fun, about enjoying the moment.


Thank you John for your passion and your dedication!


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