Are YOU ready for
your next Reinvention?

It's time for YOU....
to REINVENT yourself
on purpose!

You are a driven, ambitious woman & super-mom with a record of achievements behind you and ready for more!

From the OUTSIDE, it seems like you have it all. But it doesn’t always feel as positive on the INSIDE.

For years you have been taking care of everyone else: You have earned the right to a Best Supporting Actress award.

But there is something missing.

You have a burning desire to reinvent yourself, to start fresh, to dream a new dream.  To live your purpose and to go ALL in on yourself.

But you doubt yourself and wonder how you could ever find the time. 

You feel stuck and dissatisfied. 

You feel like you are constantly in transition. 

You compare yourself to others (who seem to have it all figured out) and are afraid to make mistakes or fail.

So you settle for the GOOD instead of reaching for the EXTRAORDINARY.

It’s so comfortable. I get it.

But now it is YOUR turn to finally DO YOUR THING and design your next steps.

This is where I come in.  I coach high-achieving, high-performing, driven women & moms from around the world to identify and achieve THEIR goals on THEIR terms with incredible confidence.

My unique framework and coaching methodology are real game-changers.

I guarantee you a real “Reinvention Experience.” 

The only question is: Are YOU all in?



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Success Stories

A holistic all-round approachCarina
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Nina has an amazing holistic approach that puts yourself in the center and looks at ALL parts of your life not just one aspect! With very easy yet hands-on exercises she helps you to go through all these facets and find balance and organic growth in all of them. She has exceptional analytical skills combined with amazing empathy and energy and will help you regain and achieve your true passion and goals and lead you towards a balanced lifestyle! Nina has definitely been a tremendous influence and incredible sparing partner in my personal journey and I can only highly recommend working with her!
Allowing myself this time to work with Nina is the greatest gift I have ever given myself!Kelly
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Nina is particularly gifted at creating an atmosphere that is safe, optimistic and inspiring. I’ve enjoyed sessions with Nina where we’ve gone to a very deep level of reflection that’s helped me know and understand myself better, and we’ve also had sessions that are highly practical where I’ve listed and ranked commitments to help me achieve a balanced lifestyle. Nina has helped me to clearly identify my needs, passions and goals!
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Thank you Nina! Doing the session with you has really changed my life … the things I would take for granted in the past I am acknowledging. The list of gratitude for me is increasing more and more!
A self-conscious and balanced lifeRaquel
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Nina has guided me towards inner balance and self awareness to the point that I realized that loving myself is the departure to be in love with others and communicate better with others. I departure from an impatience position, always rushing and running into daily tasks and deliveries, and together we took the time to get into myself and work on my self-balance of emotions and stop being only a doer, a giver, to feel more myself and remain inside my area of inner love. She gave me some tricks that with regular practice have changed my way to approach life in a much more positive way, like the "diary of thanking” which I follow everyday now. Thank you very much Nina for being the initiation to a better, more self-conscious and balanced life. I started meditation also in small doses (10 mins per day) which I really enjoy. Thank you Nina!

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